The United States is a large country consisting of multiple climates and iconic cities. Beautiful photo-ops are all over the place. One could snap a pic kayaking on the Charles River, with the Boston skyline in the backdrop, or hiking the Santa Ynez Mountains overlooking Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean. From urban to natural, east to west, there’s so much to choose from. Amongst it all, here are five of America’s best spots to take a picture.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah


Dry-red mountains in the distance and planes of white stretching with an interrupted simplicity, the Bonneville Salt Flats feel truly otherworldly. This spot is great for wide-framed shots and long exposures. Also the stars at night are insane.

Willis Tower Observation Deck, Chicago


image via flickr

A glass box hanging off the side of the second-tallest building in the United States at just south of 1,400ft is a surreal place to stand and take a photo. Most commonly, people shoot out to the city’s coast and Lake Michigan, or down at their feet with all that air beneath them.


image via flickr

Acadia National Park, Maine


image via flickr

Preserving Mount Desert Island among other small pieces of land surrounding, Acadia National Park consists of a stunning collection of ocean shores with cliffs, mountains, forests, and lakes. This picture of the sun setting over the clouds was taken from atop Cadillac Mountain in the park.

Kalalau Trail, Hawaii


Lush green mountains, sprawling clouds, and the cool blue ocean lining the coast, the Kalalau Trail in Kauai is the epitome of tropical charm. Exploring its many gorgeous vantage point makes for a great day of hiking in the warm sun.

Coconino National Forest

Bell Rock, a famous Sedona landmark, rises up to the sky just beyond the village of Oak Creek. While there is no clearly defined hiking trail, the well-worn slopes are easily traversed.

Located in Northern Arizona, Coconino National Forest consists of vibrant landscapes balancing red cliffs and rock faces with bright green cacti and green ponderosa pines. Just outside Flagstaff, the park is a serene and breathtaking place for hiking, camping and Instagram.