Keeping up with food trends is an easy way to find great new restaurants when traveling to a new city. Looking to the leading culinary influencers from IC’s favorite cities, we’ve rounded up five food trends that are sweeping the United States.

Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat is booming alongside the world’s growing vegan and vegetarian populations. As time and science advance new ways to turn plants into burgers, hot dogs, bacon, and all other animal-processed delights, the options only get tastier. One of the best examples comes from Saxon + Parole, a meat-centric New American restaurant near our Duane Street Hotel in New York City. The restaurant’s ‘Impossible Burger’ has become a plant-based staple, made of mushroom puree, roasted oyster mushrooms, sherry onions, and truffle cream.

Saxon + Parole. 316 Bowery, New York, NY. (212) 254-0350

Healthy Bowls

Acai, grain, noodle—no matter what form they come in, bowls have and will continue to be a popular food trend in America this year. Restaurants are looking for more and more ways to package dishes in bowls with innovations coming to dishes like poke, bibimbap, and salads. Additionally, acai bowls remain as popular as ever, especially at Backyard Bowls right near our Hotel Milo in Santa Barbara.

Backyard Bowls. 331 Motor Way. Santa Barbara, CA. (805) 845-5379


Jackfruit is a super-fruit that’s gaining popularity by the day. A strong protein substitute for vegans and vegetarians, it’s packed with vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium. You can barbecue it, juice it, shred it and use it s a meat substitute, making the versatile and unique ingredient attractive to chefs everywhere. For a great jackfruit dish in Brooklyn, near our Nu Hotel, try vegan restaurant Toad Style’s BBQ Pulled Jackfruit sandwich, with smoked jackfruit, barbecue sauce, grilled cabbage slaw, and pickles.

Toad Style. 93 Ralph Ave. Brooklyn, NY. (347) 789-1589


Arguably the “it food” of 2016, poke will remain a trending dish in the United States this year. More and more cities are welcoming new restaurants that feature the healthy, raw-fish salad dish from Hawaii. It continues to sweep progressive scenes, as chefs are working on new iterations of it, including hot poke. Check out our breakdown of the country’s poke craze for recommendations on where to try it around the U.S.  


Pizza is by no means a new phenomenon, but it still continues to be one of the most popular foods in the United States. It’s believed that as many as 3 billion pizzas are served in this country every year, so it may forever be America’s top food trend. The best city to get pizza in the country is New York City, find our tips on which slices to pursue here.