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We’ve already gone over who our favorite travel Instagram accounts in the world are, and now we’re helping you up your game and become a better travel photographer yourself. Here are five useful Instagram tips for life on the road.

Pay Attention to Time and Place

Whether you’re switching time zones or coasts, there are a lot of changes that happen with travel that will influence your photography. Keep in mind that you can’t miss sunsets in Santa Barbara, while sunrises are preferential in Miami.

Play with Depth

Some of the best travel Instagrams out there are the products of photographers going to incredible locations, and placing themselves (or friends) in front of them in a creative way. Whether you’re balancing the Washington Monument under your pinky, or holding a group of friends in your palm in Bolivia’s salt flats, this is a fun technique to play with your surroundings.

Attend Vibrant Events

This seems like an obvious one, but successful photographers do have a knack for seeking out gatherings that are visually thrilling. Miami’s Gay Pride Parade, for example, is a colorful gathering in a warm environment, and it shoots much better than say a concert.

Sit and Wait

Sometimes the best images come from sitting and waiting. National Geographic’s nature photographers do this best, but those of us who don’t have a month to lay in the jungle can do just as well at Bryant Park, on Ocean Drive or in the Boston Common.

Be Sneaky

Every photographer has their own take on whether to be forward or secretive with taking pictures of strangers. Follow your heart, but we will say that there’s something to catching destinations in their natural state. Whether it’s Boston Marathon runners striding through Copley Square or surfers in Santa Barbara, this country has plenty of action to snap.