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The Independent Collection has an across-the-board allegiance to the environment and sustainability. In addition to our EarthView in-house sustainability program—which utilizes energy efficient CFL bulbs in guestrooms, and complimentary bicycles on all properties—we also promote conscious practices on the road. Here are five tips on traveling green.

Fast Drying Underwear

Laundry can be quite a drain when it comes to energy, water and time. To keep your bags light and carbon footprint minimal, check out a pair of fast drying underwear, among other articles of clothing, from TravelSmith. These nifty little pieces can be hand washed, hung up in your bathroom overnight and ready for use the very next day.

Skip the Rental Car and Ride a Bike

It’s no secret that overuse of gas-guzzling cars is not super healthy for the atmosphere. Instead of adding to the smog of the city you’re visiting, rent a bike, or grab one of the complimentary cruisers available at all IC properties and feel the wind in your hair as you explore a new destination.

Take Shorter Showers

While a nice, long, hot shower is something that we all crave after a flight or drive, it’s just a waste of water, and producer of outward emitted pollutants. It’s your vacation, so don’t be too quick, but also have fun with it and make a game out of who can take the quickest showers in the family!

Share Magazines and Books

No need to waste paper or hoard old reads that are clogging up your backpack and desk. Take that inflight magazine, or beach novel and pass it a long to a friend after you’re finished. Another sustainable option for reading while traveling is making a one-time purchase on a Kindle.

Stay with Independent Collection Hotels

While there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint on the road, a number of other elements are left up to the hotel like lighting, cleaning products, and energy usage. From electronic guest folios, partnerships with United Way and Clean the World, and energy efficient CFL bulbs throughout our properties, the Independent Collection plays an active role in helping travelers stay green.