American Kid

While November 2016 is still a long ways a way, the 2016 Presidential Election is, for better or worse, well underway. Here are some of the big events you’ll want to know about for the year ahead:

Iowa Caucus
February 2016

This coming February, Democratic and Republican candidates will head to Iowa for one of the most influential campaign events of the year. The Iowa Caucus is a roll-up-your-sleeves series of rallies and speeches aimed directly to the hometowns of America’s farmers and their peers.

Nevada Caucus
February 2016

Begun in 2008, the Nevada Caucus offers candidates an opportunity to connect directly with the West. Similarly to the Iowa Caucus, the electoral process here involves nominating delegates at the county level who then nominate state delegates who then nominate national reps.

New Hampshire Primary
February 2016

The difference between caucuses and primaries is that the latter chooses its national convention delegates right off the bat. This heightened level of influence makes the series of rallies and speeches in New England quite electric. Those looking to attend can make an easy commute from Independent Collection’s property, the Boxer Boston Hotel.

South Carolina Primary
February 2016

Similar in terms of format to the New Hampshire Primary, the South Carolina Primary serves as the candidates’ main bridge to a major region. As opposed to New Hampshire’s title as “First in the nation,” for states participation in the presidential elections, South Carolina boasts of being “First in the South.”

Republican National Convention
Cleveland, Ohio
July 18-21, 2016

Heading to Cleveland this year, the Republican National Convention will resume its role as the place where Republican candidates for president and vice president are officially nominated. If there’s a place to indulge in Republican ideas and policies, this is it.

Democratic National Convention
Philadelphia, PA July 25-28, 2016

In the same vein as its counterpart, the Democratic National Convention is its party’s most important gathering during the presidential election. Those who decide to head to Philly for this summer’s gathering can stay at IC’s Independent Hotel, just a short drive or bus ride from the Wells Fargo Center.