waiting in the airport

How you curate your carry-on bag determines how enjoyable a flight or road trip will be. Here are 7 carry-on essentials for the distinguished traveler:

Essential Oils

Keeping your skin healthy and soft on the road can be a challenge, but essential oils take up minimal space and provide maximum results.. For a pocket-size kit that can relieve headaches, sunburns, and more, check out this Essential Oils Travel Kit from Abundant Health.

Miso Soup Packets

Long trips  take a toll on the soul, and your palate. For easy, delicious flavor, grab miso soup packets from Trader Joe’s. Mixed with hot water, it’s as good as anything you’ll find at a restaurant. Plus, a few packets take up minimal space in your carry on.

Dry Shampoo

Whether  hopping on a redeye after a day of meetings or had a flight so early that there wasn’t time to get ready, sometimes travelers need to spiffy up on the go. Dry shampoo is an easy way to keep your hair clean and smelling great when you’re forced to go a little longer than normal without a hot shower.

Wireless Headphones

Headphones are obvious when filling up your carry on, but distinguished travelers take it a step further with wireless hookups. It makes it easier to sleep, organize your belongings and watch movies on an iPad at the same time as your friend.

Stylish Slippers

Keeping your loafers or heels on throughout an entire flight just adds to the experience’s nearly unbearable stuffiness. Get cozy in a stylish pair of slippers. Check out Happy Feet to find a variety of fun and cozy options for the whole family.

VR Headset

Block out the airplane, bus or car with a gadget that redefines travel entertainment. Virtual Reality headsets are here, and they offer 360-degree videos, games and more. Samsung currently has headsets you can slide a phone into, and the highly anticipated Oculus Rift will step the VR game up when it comes out this spring.


Every carry on bag needs some sweets, and no chocolate bar is quite as satisfying as a Toblerone. Just be sure to find a good place to discard all of the fancy wrapping!