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An eco-friendly brand with our eyes on climate change, the Independent Collection promotes and inspires efficient travel. For readers who are looking to lighten their load—both physically and environmentally—here are five tips on traveling green.

Bring your own water bottle

As long as you’re in a destination with clean water, there is zero need to purchase a plastic bottle of water while on a trip. Bring your own (make sure you drink all the water before airport security) and refill it throughout the vacation.

Pack fast-drying clothes

Not only will these take less time out of your trip’s laundry day, they will also cut down on the energy-heavy drying cycle.

Take a nonstop flight

Not only is this easier, it also cuts down on fuel significantly, eliminating an extra and energy-sucking takeoff and landing.

Opt for a new airplane

Next time you purchase a flight, pay attention to the type of plane you’ll be flying. New aircraft like Boeing’s 777 and 787 Dreamliner, as well as Airbus’s A319 are much more fuel efficient than their predecessors.

Offset your emissions

Most airlines offer carbon offset programs, which donate to reforestation organizations. Delta, Virgin America, JetBlue, United and even Australia-bound Qantas, among others, have these carbon trading schemes in place.

Stay in environmentally-conscious hotels

Look for accommodations that openly support the environment.  Independent Collection hotels, for example, use the EarthView sustainability programs, which encourage the use of energy efficient CFL bulbs, EPA Energy Star benchmarks and a cross-property bike program.

Ask for the hotel to change sheets less often during your stay

If you’re sticking around one hotel for a few nights, let housekeeping know that they can skip changing your sheets nightly. Sleep soundly knowing you’ve helped reduce water usage.

Travel with eco-friendly gear

Take a second look at your suitcase, and whatever else you’re traveling with, and be sure that it’s eco-friendly. From Osprey packs to Paperblanks journals and notebooks, this piece by Travel Well Magazine has plenty of tips to keep your luggage nice and green.