Traveling with young ones can be tough. For most little explorers, an awe-inspiring museum, long-scenic drive or elegant stage production just won’t cut it. Read on to discover five can’t-fail places to take your kids around the country.

Walt Disney World Resort


An all inclusive resort and the most popular amusement park in the world, Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida has topped children’s list of wondrous destinations for almost five decades (its California cousin? A decade longer). Across five kingdoms, guests to the Florida park explore iconic rides like Splash Mountain with Mickey Mouse and Goofy waiting on the decadent, shop-filled sidewalks in between.

National Air and Space Museum


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The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC is a youthful adventurer’s dream. The visual appeal of historic aircrafts hanging from the ceiling, a full-sized spaceship open for exploration, and an IMAX theatre is enough to keep the kids entertained for hours.



Legos have managed to stay current for over half a century. With plenty of parents out there looking for a new way to indulge their children’s’ Lego obsession, there’s always the mecca of Legoland. Larger-than-life installations and toys fill out these resorts and play centers in Florida, California, and New York.

Big Bear or Killington


Parents who want to serve their own adventurous spirit without leaving the kids cooped up inside with a babysitter have long found a happy medium on snow-covered mountains. Big Bear in California and Killington in Vermont are each touted as one of the best mountains on their respective coast. These exciting and serene destinations with bunny hills and youth training programs are perfect for your first family ski trip.

Winnetu Oceanside Resort


This all-inclusive resort on quaint Massachusetts island Martha’s Vineyard is known as one of the best family travel destinations in the country. Their complimentary Children’s Day Program and Teen Activities Program keep kids entertained with frisbee, treasure hunts, and more. Taking the supervision off parents’ hands, Winnetu leaves grown ups plenty of time for lazing on the beach and playing golf.