If you want to try all of the world’s greatest foods, you don’t need to visit every continent. We’ve got it all right here in the United States. We are a melting pot of international cultures after all. Need proof? Try eating around the world in these five US neighborhoods.

Chinese Food in Flushing, Queens

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While Manhattan has its own Chinatown surrounding tourist heavy Canal Street downtown, the city’s best Chinese food is actually out in Queens. Flushing is stock-full of off-the-wall dim sum and noodles. Grab meat and veggie wrapped goodness at Jade Asian Restaurant or sumptuous soup dumplings at Nan Xiang Dumpling House.

Italian in Boston’s North End

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Boston’s quaint North End neighborhood oozes romance with red brick buildings, cobblestone streets, and a bevy of small Italian restaurants where the servings are large and the sauces are rich. Located around the block from our very own Boxer Boston Hotel, the area features many distinguished spots, but a guaranteed good night will begin with dinner at L’Osteria and end with a cannoli from world-famous Mike’s Pastry.

Cuban in Little Havana, Miami

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The name of the neighborhood sort of makes it a given that there’s great Cuban food here. Little Havana is the epicenter of Cuban-American culture, and serves up some of the best of the island’s food. Take a short ride from our South Beach Hotels—Winter Haven and Blue Moon—and grab a sandwich at Exquisito Restaurant and a café con leche at El Cristo Restaurant.

Mexican in Chula Vista, San Diego

fish tacos with slaw, lemon zest and cilantro

Mexican cuisine and culture is strong throughout all of Southern California, but Chula Vista, a mere ten miles from Tijuana, is largely touted as having the strongest. The fish tacos—grilled octopus, calamari and shrimp— and micheladas at TJ Oyster Bar will blow your socks off. Also, the quesatacos, exactly the hybrid you think, at Texcoco astound with lamb, Mexican corn truffle, and poblano pepper.

Russian in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

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Yes, we are going back to New York City, but it is sort of the world capital for international cuisine. Out in Brighton Beach, a short ride from Independent Collection’s Nu Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn, you can have a prix fixe dinner in a banquet hall with live performances at National Restaurant & Nightclub among many other similar joints. Indulge in herring, knishes, shish kebab, and yes, of course, vodka when hanging out in this fascinating neighborhood.