Friend clinking glasses above dinner table

Americans love to eat, which means American chefs are constantly opening new restaurants opening throughout the country’s many gastronomic hubs. From an iconic Japanese noodle house to some unexpected a seafood-absinthe emporium, these are a some of our favorite new restaurants around the US.

Cambridge, MA. Opened August, 2016

This new establishment from local restaurateur Michael Scelfo (behind Alden & Harlow) is a proprietor of both local and foreign delights. Indulge in clams from Cape Cod, get New American with a bone marrow and lobster salad, and explore the vast absinthe menu. Located just across the Charles River from our Boxer Boston Hotel, it’s an excellent spot to explore the city’s ever-growing restaurant scene.

Waypoint. 1020 Massachusetts Avenue. Cambridge, MA. 617.864.2300

New York, NY. Opened August, 2016

Normally franchise restaurant openings don’t excite eager foodies, but this isn’t the case with TsuruTonTan, which is a popular Japanese udon noodle house that just opened its first US location in Manhattan’s Union Square. A major acquisition for New York’s already-strong noodle scene, the restaurant offers hundreds of different udon dishes and attracts crowds daily.

TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie. 21 E 16th St. New York, NY. 212.989.1000

Wister BYOB
Philadelphia, PA. Opened October, 2016

An ex-sous chef from famed Philly tasting menu restaurant Lacroix, Benjamin Moore has recently opened his own restaurant in Philly’s Old City. The hyper-seasonal menu will keep the local ingredients and dishes changing constantly. Prospective diners can count on Moore’s strong reputation and the upcoming brunch and planned live jazz performances.

Wister BYOB. 26 N 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA. 267.239.5900

Phuc Yea
Miami, FL. Opened September, 2016

Phuc Yea, originally a popular Miami pop-up, is enjoying excited crowds at its new and first permanent location. Contemporary art, stone walls, a spacious patio and a popping Vietnamese-Cajun menu make this a fun place to eat and hang out. Try the special beef pho or cajun banh mi with cod and prawns.

Phuc Yea. 7100 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL. 305.602.3710

Washington, DC. Opened August, 2016

Under the helm of chef Vikram Sunderam (also behind DC’s highly touted Rasika West End), Bindaas is an Indian street-food restaurant in Cleveland Park. The prices are competitive, the space is simple and relaxed, and the menu has an array of Indian classics both popular and rare. Try one of the uttapams (a rice pancake) with sweet corn-pepper, or the chicken tikka masala kathi roll with fenugreek.

Bindaas. 3309 Connecticut Ave. Washington, DC. 202.244.6550