Hipster businessman with tablet, waiting at the train station platform

As technology advances, what one can accomplish when traveling grows immensely. From proven services to diamond-in-the-rough inventions, these are five trip-changing contemporary travel gadgets.

Portable Hard Drive

In an era when you can travel with immense information and work, portable hard drives can become quite valuable. While being an essential gadget for various types of business travelers, they’re also a valuable asset for long-term travelers who need somewhere to store pictures, music, and video.

AMPL Smart Bag

In many ways, the AMPL Smart Bag is the backpack of the future. A built-in battery with outlets and cords allows travelers to charge cell phones and laptops on the go. It’s also water-resistant, and has a high capacity for shock, keeping your valuables safe. Users can download a special app to control which devices are charging and review what percentages their batteries are at.

Google Translate

A digital service, Google Translate technically isn’t a gadget, but it’s one of many travel-friendly apps you can download on a smartphone. For those traveling internationally, it will help you keep your lunch orders right and make finding directions easier in times of need. Those traveling domestically can use it to explore more culturally diverse neighborhoods for more eclectic trips.

Bluetooth Ear Buds

Efficiency and small physical composition is important when looking at travel gadgets. So, when picking headphones, it’s best to skip anything with wires. Ear covering headphones have long offered many bluetooth options, and recently earbuds are now beginning to have wireless options. This makes sleeping on planes, and keeping yourself organized much easier.

Portable Router

Whether you’re riding a bus or a plane, or hanging out in an overcrowded restaurant, clean and fast WiFi can be difficult to come by. With your own portable hotspot, you can connect with business colleagues and family members at all times. This is a clutch travel gadget for those who work online, and social media fanatics.