Regardless of your budget, there’s no reason to settle for anything but the best travel deals. If you’re unaware of the targeting efforts of major airlines, or not privy to all the discount-finding tools you have at your disposal, then these five practices will help you find great deals on flights.

Keep Your Searches Private and Delete Your Cookies

In the days of targeted advertising and browsing histories, you better believe that airlines want to upsell your searches. It’s widely believed that after researching a trip a few times, prices will go up to try and hurry you into booking. Search for flights on incognito mode or delete your cookies to keep the best deals in front of you.

Skyscanner And Other Deal-Finding Engines

Searching for flights airline-by-airline can be exhausting and tedious. In today’s day and age, it’s also unnecessary. Find great deals on expansive metasearch platforms like Skyscanner, which cross-references deals across all major airlines for your convenience. StudentUniverse and Kayak are also accountable metasearch tools.

Accumulate Miles

Hands-down, one of the best ways to save on flights is to build miles. Credit cards like Chase Sapphire and BarclayCard have excellent rewards programs, including deals to get you upwards of 50,000 miles for spending certain amounts within the first few months. A boost like that can lead to free flights around the country.

Work Around Busy Times

If you’re traveling for the holidays, head out a few days early or come back a few days late. The same rule generally applies for weekends, where you’ll see that both airline and hotel deals drop off significantly. Airlines like JetBlue and United will also often offer wildly cheap flights for down-travel days throughout the year.

Find Budget Destinations

Services like Kayak Explore and Google Flights allow you to scan the globe for travel deals throughout any given time in a year. Often times, you’ll know of a good weekend or month to travel, but won’t have your budget or destination figured out yet. Seeking out budget destinations will help you find new, exciting cities at great prices.