Modern travelers are not always impressed by the luxuries of cars or taxicabs. While there’s always the parallel convenience of a run-of-the-mill bus or screeching subway car, there’s also value in discovering more memorable modes of transportation in different places around the country. For experiential, informative, and practical ways to travel better in various United States destinations, check out these unique methods of hopping around.

Pacific Coast Train


Stretching from Los Angeles to Seattle, the Coast Starlight is a train that runs up and down most of the United States’ Pacific Coast. Different stretches run right along the ocean, providing extraordinary views for passengers to enjoy on their way to places like Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Portland. The celebrated route crosses everything from the snowcapped Cascades to white-capped waves.

Water Taxi Miami


The separation of Downtown Miami, South Beach, Coconut Grove and other Greater Miami hot spots makes the area an easy place to explore by water. For scenic and exciting commutes to different attractions at this South Florida destination, check out rides with Water Taxi Miami. Prefer something more personal? A private, chartered Water Taxi could be the perfect fit.

Roosevelt Island Tram


From ground level to high in the sky, New York City is a visually stunning tableau: people of all cultures, architecture spanning from the 17th-century to modern day, an endless wave of hustle and bustle. To get a bottom-to-top look at the Big Apple, be sure to ride the tram that connects Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side. Accessible with a standard subway pass, the tram is convenient, fun, and an experience in its own right.

Boston Duck Tours


A trip to Boston is hardly complete without a tour on the iconic Duck Tours. These World War II-style amphibious vehicles provide an incomparable look at the historic city, using the boat-bus hybrid to explore both Boston’s streets as well as its waterways.  Known for personable and informative guides, and the potential for a cooling splash, this popular tourist attraction is a must for any and all newcomers.

DC Circulator


One of the easiest and most exciting ways to traverse Washington D.C.’s many great neighborhoods is the DC Circulator. The modern, red bus transforms the average commute into a sightseeing experience, and all for just $1.00 per ride. For time-crunched travelers, the Circulator is ideal, as it hits each one of its stops every ten minutes.