Hawaiian tuna poke bowl with seaweed, avocado, red cabbage, radishes and black sesame seeds

Poké is a fish-and-vegetable salad dish from Hawaii that’s made waves on the American food scene over the past year. With the trend still growing, new proprietors pop up around the country every day. These are a some of our favorite spots to indulge in poké craze around the US:

New York City

Set up in Little Italy in Lower Manhattan, Chikarashi is a simple, sleek counter service restaurant offering six different kinds of poké bowls. Wasabi mayo tuna and ponzu salmon are among the most popular of the restaurant’s fresh offerings. The brick-and-mortar location is right on Canal Street, so you can grab a selfie-stick and knock-off designer handbag on your way out.

Chikarashi. 227 Canal St. New York, NY. 646.649.5956

Poke Bowl
Philadelphia, PA

Just opened this past spring, Poké Bowl is one of the only restaurants fully devoted to the Hawaiian food trend in Philly. Operating with a cafeteria-style layout (similar to Chipotle) it lets customers design their own bowls with various options for fish, vegetables, rice and marinades.

Poke Bowl. 958 N 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA. 267.319.9943

Saltie Girl
Boston, MA

This new restaurant in Back Bay is adding to Boston’s rich tradition of serving world-class seafood. Its multicultural menu, however, steps beyond the city’s famed clam chowder and lobster rolls. Try the tuna poké dressed with soy, sesame, togarashi, and ginger for one of the city’s best renditions of the Hawaiian dish.

Saltie Girl. 281 Dartmouth St. Boston, MA. 617.267.0691

Poké 305
Miami, FL

Focused on providing on-the-go, healthy dining options, Poké 305 is another make-your-own-bowl style poké restaurant. Some of their ingredients include classic marinated tuna, shrimp, salmon, edamame, mango, and wasabi aioli. You can also choose to get your mixture in a classic bowl over rice, or in a burrito, or regular salad.

Poke 305. 169 SE 7th St. Miami, FL. 305.563.3811

Santa Barbara Fishouse
Santa Barbara, CA

This upscale seafood restaurant in Santa Barbara offers a classic seafood menu with American favorites like bacon-wrapped scallops and fried calamari. It’s also keeping up with the times by offering a simple, delectable poke dish with sesame soy dressing, avocado, cucumbers, and crispy wontons.

Santa Barbara Fishouse. 101 E Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara, CA. 805.966.2112.