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There are certain items that always make it into a suitcase no matter the destination. But some cities require a special look. Miami Beach is one of those cities. Check out these suitcase essentials and recommendations for your next trip to Miami Beach.


Why It’s Necessary:

Yes, South Beach is sunny, but it’s also one of the fashion capitals of the world. Shades are both a practical and social necessity.

Best Place to Start:

Dicks Cottons is an ideal sunglasses company to check out for your trip down south. Affordable and stylish shades for travelers ranging from millennial to baby boomer makes it one of our favorites. Check out these Yachtmasters at the IC Shop.

Beach Casual Fashion

Why it’s Necessary:

Strolls along the beach easily turn into late nights exploring the Miami Beach’s many acclaimed nightclubs and restaurants. Be comfortable to enjoy the tropical climate and fashionable for the night ahead.

Best Place to Start:

Men can do well sampling some local Cuban flavor and coming down to South Beach with a fresh new guayabera shirt, complete with a bowler hat. Ladies can stay trendy with favorites like palazzo pants or pattern shorts. For local options, to find clothes after arriving, check out our Blue Moon Hotel’s Neighborhood Shopping Guide.

A Fresh Swimsuit

Why it’s Necessary:

South Beach is a see and be seen kind of beach. Be sure to bring a swimsuit that’s not only fashionable, but comfortable as well, since you’ll likely be wearing it underneath a cover up as you walk to cocktails along Ocean Drive.

Best Place to Start:

Nostalgic fashion trends are looking to the 1950s for inspiration, and we’re seeing high-waisted bikinis and simple designs like those found at Hackwith Design House a lot. Men can find similar pop with colorful choices straight from the 1980s at Chubbies Shorts. If you forget to order before your trip, check out one of these local spots.

Club Attire

Why it’s Necessary:

Miami Beach is famous for having some of the best nightlife in the world. Women and men looking to cut loose while on vacation need to be dressed to impress at the city’s many extravagant clubs.

Best Place to Start:

Ladies can get find style and comfort in the Miami heat with a sleeveless or shoulderless dress. Try a pleated or floral design to complement local tropical aesthetics. Gentlemen can tie any outfit together with a blazer. Miami is fun, so try something with light colors or patterns. The Webster is a local favorite to pick up your club attire while in town.

Extra Space

Why it’s Necessary

There are so many exceptional places to shop in Miami Beach. Leave yourself room for any swimsuits or sunglasses you may want to take home.

Best Place to Start:

Check out the Lincoln Road Mall and some Independent Collection neighborhood guides to find the best shopping in South Beach.