Shot of a young businessman sitting in an airport working on his laptop

One of our favorite things about living in today’s digital age is that there is more travel-related content online than anybody knows what to do with. Luckily for our readers, we’ve sifted through the duds and put together a list of some of the best and most informative travel blogs around:

One Mile At A Time

The brainchild of Ben Schlappig, A.K.A. Lucky, One Mile At A Time reports on cant-beat credit card and airline deals, as well as reviews of airlines, hotels, and airport lounges from the editor’s trips. Where it’s lacking on the inspirational photography and “finding yourself” moments, this blog makes up for with easy-to-understand, and often valuable, facts about the travel process, more so than destinations themselves.


Mark Wiens is the mind behind Migrationology, a travel guide and blog focused on eating. Wiens describes his philosophy saying, “I believe when you travel, there’s no better way to connect with people, than through food.” Utilizing original photography, a sleek and modern aesthetic, and elaborate food guides for destinations all over the world, this site has inspired nearly 50,000 people to join its regular email newsletter.

The Blonde Abroad

Identified only as Kiersten from California on the site, The Blonde Abroad is the internet’s champion of modern travel trends. Formerly a corporate finance professional, she now spends her life traveling to different countries cataloguing tips on female travel, solo travel, budget travel, and much more. Her voice is fun and informative, while the site has a contemporary feel with lots of photography.

Young Adventuress

Cataloguing her trips to over 50 countries from over the past decade, the Young Adventuress clues readers into both her adventures and misadventures. This means that the blog is partially straight-forward travel tips like a breakdown of Calgary’s food scene, and partially memoiristic stories about bizarre experiences like getting naked in Istanbul. An excellent source for information, crazy tales, photography, and travel tips, Young Adventuress is worth checking out.

Nomadic Matt

One of the original travel bloggers to take the internet by storm, Nomadic Matt is a New York Times best selling author with one of the most comprehensive travel sites online. The blog has a number of specific, and useful guides on things like how to find cheap flights, guides to solo female travel, and how to become a travel hacker. The site also features city guides for major travel destinations around the world.