Shopping for the family member or friend who just seems to have it all is one of the toughest aspects of each holiday season. If your tough-to-shop-for loved one is an avid traveler, it opens up your options to include an array of accessories, gadgets and gear. From cameras and tech to luggage and travel guides, the 2014 holiday season is ripe with gift options for the independent traveler in your life.


Travel Guides + Info

Even the most independently minded traveler could use some recommendations from time to time. That’s where curated travel guides come in. In the past several years, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the number of carefully constructed travel guides that take tips beyond the level of Fodor’s and Frommer’s books of the yesteryear.

Guided by Cereal

Consider giving an affordable eGift this holiday season with a subscription to Guided by Cereal. For just a few dollars per year, this subscription-only online service provides well-written and beautifully photographed guides to the best restaurants, bars, boutiques and parks in some of the world’s premier cities.

State x State

This unique travel-focused site provides the opportunity to discover — and own — well-made products from across the 50 states. For $125 a piece, you can purchase “state boxes,” featuring the best artisanal products from one particular state. The first box, Oregon, including handcrafted teaware, chocolate and leather goods, is available to purchase online today, with more to come soon.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.54.25 PMAnother Escape

This independently published magazine gives those with severe wanderlust the ability to travel without ever leaving the coffee table. Another Escape focuses on unique personalities and places across the globe, augmenting these rich stories with colorful images and high-quality materials.


Luggage + Bags

When it comes to efficiency and overall enjoyment, how you tote your belongings can make or break a trip. Looks, comfort and durability are the keystones of smart travel gear — the one thing every savvy traveler should have.


Whether it’s music, fashion or otherwise, you can bet that what’s popular in Sweden will soon be popular everywhere else. Fjallraven is no exception. The multi-colored, many-sized bags crafted by this outdoors-oriented Swedish brand has become a mainstay on the backs and arms of travelers and commuters alike. From serious rucksacks to compact backpacks, Fjallraven represents the present and the future of fashionable travel.

Tanner Goods

This Oregon-based brand brings authenticity, a distinctly rough-hewn edge and quality leather to the forefront of the travel bag market. Tanner Goods’ bags run a bit more expensive than those of comparable companies, but they are noted for their durability, quality and construction standards, making them an ideal option for a usable and practical travel gift this holiday season.


Skewing toward a lighter and more feminine style, THISISPAPER’s bags and rucksacks run the table from gym-style bags to small backpacks to tasteful linen bags for iPads, tablets and other travel goods. The bags made by this Poland-based brand offer the ideal complement to a larger bag or briefcase, offering style that translates seamlessly from business meeting to social setting.


Travel Tech + Gadgets

Tech and travel go hand in hand. Gadgets make business travel seamless and exploration effortless, offering hints of home on the road to add comfort and ease to any trip. Your favorite independent traveler will appreciate the added convenience created by any of the following holiday gift ideas:

TYLT VU Wireless Charger

We’ve all faced the modern traveler’s greatest conundrum: airport, time to kill, work to do, but no power outlet. Make it easy for the independent traveler in your life to stay connected with the TYLT VU Wireless Charger, a quick and easy way to charge devices on-the-go. The charger is portable, stylish and easy-to-use — and best of all, it’s only $60 at many retailers.

Withings Activite

Forget the clunky smartwatch cliche this holiday season in favor of a more style-friendly option: the Withings Activite. Produced by a fashion-forward French wristwear brand, the Activite series marries Apple functionality with Barney’s looks to create a sleek, understated watch that doubles as a fitness tracker to rival the bulky offerings of today’s top tech brands.

Goodwell: Open Source Modern Toothbrush

The eco-friendly travel enthusiast will appreciate Goodwell’s new crowd-funded travel toothbrush for its portability, eco-friendliness and sleek looks. The toothbrush was designed and manufactured with longevity and durability in mind, saving its owner the cost of replacing their travel toothbrushes and saving the environment the burden of all the wasted plastic in the approximately 300 toothbrushes an average person cycles through during a lifetime.