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Travel and vision were imbedded in the Dicks Cottons brand long before its inception. During the Korean War, a man known as Papa Dick worked for the US Army as an optometrist. Continuing to travel the world and practice optometry throughout the rest of his life, Papa set a precedent for his grandson Rich Amundson, a.k.a. Dikkie.

When Dikkie felt claustrophobic at his office job in NYC circa 2009, he took off for a soul-finding sailing trip in Croatia with some buddies. After unsuccessfully looking for an affordable and quality pair of sunglasses before his journey, a seed was planted in Dikkie’s mind.

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Now the founder of Dicks Cottons sunglasses—a brand with Sunglass-Hut-quality shades for half the price—Amundson told us in a recent interview that his product is created to “save you money, so you have more to travel with.”

Following the Croatia trip, he enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology and began designing sunglasses. The company hit its stride when it scored a manufacturing partnership that allowed them to produce a product with the same materials as a pair of Tom Ford glasses and sell them for around $50 a pop.

With its sustainable business model and inspired roots, the Dicks Cottons brand is now a fast-growing presence in the world of travel fashion.

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Amundson told us, “We are a travel brand that happens to sell sunglasses.” He backed it up by then explaining that customers have began making it a point to take the Dicks Cottons sunglasses with them on trips, taking pictures wearing them, and then sharing them with a simple #DicksCottons mention.

Labeled as surf, luxury, lifestyle, and millennial accessories, Dicks Cottons Sunglasses are, according to Amundson “For your beach travels and everything in between.”

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Dicks Cottons is the Independent Collection’s exclusive sunglasses partner with products available on the IC Shop.  

Images via Dicks Cottons