For as fun, exciting and enlightening as travel can be, it can also be a challenge from time to time. Delayed flights, unfamiliar surroundings, and a general loss of orientation can create some tricky situations, whether you’re flying, driving or exploring your destination by foot.

With the help of the following travel apps, you can find your way around quickly, simply and easily, maximizing your trip’s fun factor while cutting down on unnecessary stress.

GPS Navigation:













Spyglass –

If you’re planning an off-the-beaten-path adventure in 2015, be sure to add Spyglass to your iPhone’s quiver of applications. Spyglass takes an innovative approach to the standard GPS navigation genre, adding an “Augmented Reality” feature via your iPhone’s camera to help you navigate the world around you. The app’s dynamic compass overlays the screen, helping you find your way in the most simple way imaginable. You can use the app’s maps engine to overlay a compass over a more traditional “map and directions” screen to more easily and seamlessly find your way to your next destination.

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Flight Tracking:

flight view





If you are the type to make the most of every minute you spend traveling, FlightView might be a wise investment (the app offers a free version, a $1 version, and an elite $4 version. With FlightView, you can check in on the status of your next flight via updated airport arrival and departure boards, track your projected flight path and any weather patterns that might stand in the way of an on-time arrival, and find out the nitty gritty details of where your next plane has been, where it’s headed, and whether or not it’s running on time.

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Local Recommendations:


Although it’s still thought of us a social medium used only by oversharers to brag about their locations to the rest of the Internet, that perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Foursquare has rounded out its recommendations engine to operate as a better-designed, more streamlined version of Yelp. If you’re looking for the best Vietnamese sandwiches in a particular neighborhood or locals’ favorite beer bars in a given city, just plug your preferences in and pull up a movable map of all the best the world around you has to offer. If you are a user of Foursquare’s check-in service (now called Swarm), you’ll receive location-based recommendations tailored to your personal tastes. Foursquare takes travel and cuts the fat to deliver a curated travel guide, wherever your explorations may take you.









Yeah, yeah, yeah … everyone already has Instagram. We know. But still: You can’t deny Instagram’s ability to inspire a bit of wanderlust, especially during the cold, dark and dreary winter months. Sign in, follow a few of the top travel Instagram accounts, and scroll through a feed of enviable and inspiring images that will make you want to stop in your tracks and hit the road in search of mountains, cities and everything in between.