Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to abandon that New Year’s Resolution just because you have a few business trips lined up in Q1. Remaining in sync with your exercise routines — or even adding elements to mix things up a bit — can be a great way to stay in shape, feel refreshed, and have some fun while traveling.


Break up the monotony of your next business trip by employing a few of the following fitness tips for travelers:


Do Your Research

Many hotels make it easy to get your morning workout in by providing onsite fitness tools and luxuries. For instance, Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C. offers a full onsite fitness center with treadmills, free weights, ellipticals and recumbent bicycles. It’s open 24/7, providing night owls and early birds alike an opportunity to fit in a workout between meetings or before the day’s work commences.

gym at chh

Image: Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Before making reservations, be sure to shop around to see which hotel meets your fitness needs. Whether you’re looking for proximity to a yoga studio or crossfit gym, a fitness-oriented hotel deal to help you save money on the road, or an in-house fitness center, let hotel websites, TripAdvisor, other sources be your guide.


Hit the Ground Running

There’s no better way to gauge the essence of a destination than by traversing its streets, sidewalks, alleyways and park paths. One of the fastest and most fitness-forward ways to explore your new home away from home is lacing up some trainers and hitting the pavement for a jog.


Whether you’re a serious runner looking for an appropriate place to complete your tempo workout or long run, or just a casual jogger trying to get outdoors and log a few miles, consulting some helpful tools before your trip is a crucial step of planning your running schedule. Web tools such as Strava, MapMyRun, and RunKeeper not only help you track your mileage — they double as route-planners, allowing you to crowdsource the most popular running routes in any location to plan a workout that traverses safe, scenic, low-traffic sidewalks and streets like an in-the-know local.



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Plan Your Workout Like a Local: Consult the Concierge

More likely than not, someone on staff at your hotel is in the know on their city’s best fitness classes, running routes and yoga studios. Whether you’re staying at Duane Street Hotel and want to sweat like a local at Barry’s Bootcamp or Flywheel or enjoying Hotel Milo Santa Barbara and want to know the best places for a quick day hike in the neighboring foothills, the front desk is your best resource.


Front desk staff, concierge, and other Independent Collection hotel employees enjoy sharing the details of their cities, letting guests in on the secrets that only residents seem to stumble upon. Be sure to ask an expert before starting the online search for nearby gyms and fitness offerings.


Stay on Schedule

Careful planning and accountability are the top two elements of a travel-proof fitness regimen. Websites such as and are some of your best friends during the days leading up to your trip, allowing you to outline any outdoor workouts you might plan.


Use a calendar app such as Sunrise to merge your work and personal calendars to create a full accounting of the next few days’ activities. With an immersive tool like Sunrise, you can combine your Google calendar’s fitness plans with your full work schedule to ensure you never miss a meeting, mile, or rep while on the road.