Silhouette of woman using her phone in the airport.

Many people have reservations when it comes to traveling alone, but the opportunities to grow are far too valuable to ignore. While staying safe is the most important tip we can offer solo travelers, we came up with some extras for discovering oneself and making friends.

Here are seven tips for solo travelers:

For Discovering Oneself

Eat at Sit-Down Restaurants

For some reason, Americans have the idea that asking a hostess“Table for one” is embarrassing. It’s not. Eat out and focus on the food, the scene and some good introspective thinking.

Go at Your Own Pace

Traveling in groups means coordinating different schedules and travel speeds. Take your time (or don’t) when exploring Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, cram in five cities in five days, or spend all your vacation exploring one neighborhood. It’s up to you.

Take Audio Tours

No need to feel guilty leaving friends behind. Take an audio tour and soak in as much about the museums you visit as possible.

Try Something You’ve Never Done Before

It’s just you on this trip, so do something wild and new. Whether it’s sporting a bold swimsuit in Miami, or skydiving in Santa Barbara, this is your chance to do something you’ve never done before.

For Making New Friends

Start Conversations

Loneliness is one possible downside to solo travel, but all you need to do is stay out of your shell. Ask locals questions, compare stories with fellow travelers, and seek out as many conversations as possible.

Take Public Transportation if Possible; Ridesharing if Not

With nobody to share the price of a cab with, public transportation is often a great way to save money on solo trips. In New York, it’s often the fastest way around too, and offers a unique glimpse into the lives of others. When that’s not an option, hail a cab share, like Uber Pool or Lyft Line. That cuts down on costs while also introducing you to locals.

Use Dating Apps

Why not? This is your time to shine and meet new people. Get out your app of choice and start connecting with potential dates in your new city.