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In a day where there is more information than one knows what to do with, it can be difficult to find helpful, simple resources. Travelers can sift through the duds, by checking out these proven Twitter accounts they need to follow:

Followers: 4.72M

Hands-down the most followed travel-focused account on Twitter, Lonely Planet offers glimpses into its vast database of destination guides and hot tips. Come here for new destinations and trip ideas.

Followers: 466K

Posting breathtaking shots from around the world every day, WOW Pics Of Life will make your jaw drop, and possibly inspire a spontaneous trip. If anything, it’s a nice visual break from the office.

Followers: 509K

The Frugal Traveler has his own column in the New York Times, where he teaches travelers how to move in style on a low budget. Look here for tips on saving and stellar trip recommendations.

Followers: 3.63M

National Geographic’s content has reigned supreme since the earliest days of print, and that trend carries on into the digital age, and into the travel sphere. This account will show you vibrant, off-the-beaten path locations, as well as tips for adventure travel.

Followers: 159K

This app cross-examines flight-booking systems from around the world to find its users one-of-a-kind deals. The Twitter essentially shouts out the best of those deals for you to take advantage of.

Followers: 794K

Kayak is also a good place to find travel deals, but its Twitter also shares great travel stories from around the web. Budget-vacations, trending destinations, and funny pictures are all part of its regular Twitter feed.

Followers: 433K

One of the leading food publications, Eater is a pro at making its followers hungry. It also gives you great ideas on where to dine in the next city you visit.