Congratulations, everybody. We are in the heart of spring and summer is around the corner. It’s that golden time of year where you can pretty much travel anywhere. Even so, there are certain destinations that stand out now and at different times of year. These are the best months of year to travel to these U.S. Cities.

New York City

Let’s start with next month, when we think it’s the best time of year to visit New York City. In the spring, the city is in its greatest weather balance—just before a muggy summer and just after a freezing winter. Because of this, everyone is outside in the parks, dining and drinking on sidewalk patios, and being in generally cheerful moods. It’s a beautiful time of year for the Big Apple.

Washington, DC

Moving into the summer, Washington, DC will get as warm as any city in the Northeast, but it offers plenty to do with the Anacostia River and countless walkable destinations. Come by and hit the streets of Georgetown for some shopping and ice cream by the water. Then head over to Capitol Hill and then to the National Mall to see our country’s greatest monuments. DC also has the country’s best 4th of July Celebration.


There’s a reason people flock to New England for autumn—the foliage. Boston is an excellent destination to see those gorgeous yellow and amber leaves in breathtaking outdoor destinations like The Boston Common (our country’s first public park), and at the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. The season’s crisp air is refreshing and totally bearable, making it the perfect time of year to visit.

Miami Beach

Northeast destinations are not for the faint of heart during these months. For those looking to relax and kick back, this is the time to visit Miami Beach, which stays pretty warm and sunny during the winter months. Escape the cold and shoot down to the capital of Latin America for unforgettable nightlife and dreamy beach days.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a gorgeous and serene city throughout the year, but March and April is truly a golden period where the sun starts to beat hard without hitting its sometimes intense summer heat. This complements the city’s laidback and beautiful vibes, giving you ideal conditions for wine tours, boat trips, and relaxing walks to dinner.