Sky divinge

Attention, adrenaline junkies! You can surely find some skydiving school or service in any of our great 50 states, but with the massive and dynamic landscape of our country, there’s a lot more than the jump to consider. Here are some of the best places to skydive in the United States.


From Oahu to Honolulu, the options for drop zones and gorgeous scenery in Hawaii are endless. Sites like the Mauna Loa—the world’s largest volcano—and Pearl Harbor come to mind. And you could even see whales!

South Beach

When stopping by our own Winter Haven and Blue Moon Hotels, be sure to consider taking a dive over one of Florida’s most attractive tropical destinations. The ocean and beach offer delightful scenery while the tropical climate helps keep you warm once your chute opens.


Alaska joins Hawaii as the second non-continental state where the climate is extreme, landscapes dynamic and skydiving absolutely breathtaking. Fall through the sky with views of Mount Denali, glaciers and snow-caped Denali National Park.


Those of you who vacation in Colorado are already looking for some elevation, so why not take it a bit higher with some skydiving? When looking for high-in-the-sky scenery, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more breathtaking than the Rocky Mountains.

Southern California

Guests of Independent Collection’s Hotel Milo have easy access to some of the best skydiving in the country right in Santa Barbara. Eclectic terrain with wine country, the Santa Ynez Mountains and Pacific Ocean all in a row makes for some lovely free fall scenery.