Driving accounts for millions of miles traveled around the world every year. And driving while hungry accounts for millions of miserable hours. Thinking about the essentials for these rolling explorers, we’ve put together a list of the five best snacks for a road trip.

Beef Jerky


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Simple, delicious, salty, and meaty—beef jerky has long been a road trip staple. Keep the plastic packaging sealed and you can let hours, even days go by between chewy and juicy bites. Whether you’re into smoky, spicy, or teriyaki, most gas stations and rest stops will have the goods.

Kale Chips


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The main advantage of kale chips is that they’re super easy to make. Toss some olive oil and salt onto the green superfood and toss it in the oven for about a half hour. The next day, fill up a bag with this healthy and crispy snack for your road trip.

Sunflower Seeds


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Seeds are another classic road trip snack. The process of tossing a few in your mouth, cracking each shell individually with your teeth and then eating the seed from inside is a ritualistic form of consumption good for getting full and passing the hours. Just be sure to spit shells into an empty water bottle to contain the mess.



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Getting back to healthy options, apples are a can’t-fail choice for your vehicular travels. Slice it up and dip it in honey or peanut butter, or bite into a whole one for that juicy crunch and wonderful-caveman catharsis.

Trail Mix


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Trail mix is made for the traveler—hence its name—and it goes well with any hike, plane or car ride. Mix in healthy nuts and dried fruits with the occasional chocolate chip for a sweet and savory delight that you can nibble on nonstop.