You may be stuck at home this winter, but Instagram travel accounts offer an easy way to explore the world without taking your eyes off your smartphone. From the sweeping mountain vistas of British Columbia to the gritty urban streetscapes of the American Northeast to the angular architecture of Amsterdam: They’re all just a few swipes of the finger away.

If you’re prepared to acquire a serious case of wanderlust, enhance your Instagram experience by checking out a few of these follow-worthy accounts:


@brianmcw – Boston

For a look at the historic elegance and stately atmosphere that makes Boston so alluring, Brian McWilliams — or @brianmcw as he’s known on Instagram — is the account to follow. McWilliams has turned his daily walking commute into a way to document the astounding architecture and snowy streetscapes of Beacon Hill, Back Bay and other neighborhoods.






















@alexanderrichter– New York City

If you need some inspiration to visit New York City, turn to this photographer’s gritty work to see the city from a local’s perspective. Everyday objects like subway signage, neon lights and unremarkable buildings take on new life through Richter’s lens, illustrating the essence of New York City’s inimitable style.






















@jaredchambersSouthern California + more

For a refreshing glimpse of warm and sunny Southern California, follow SoCal-based photographer Jared Chambers. His home base is Los Angeles but he frequents a number of destinations, capturing beautiful images at every stop. Chambers’ images sit at the intersection of fashion photography and straightforward travel documentation, bringing style to beautiful locations around the world.

jared chambers


















For a look at rarely-seen scenes from Scandinavia and beyond, follow Marianna Hope. This Holland-based photographer explores the snow-covered fields and rustic architecture of her home country in addition to an array of other destinations near and far. Deserts, cities, forests and mountains: Each has made an appearance on Hope’s account in the past few months.

marianne hope






















The bright neon lights and never-ending nightlife of South Florida get an artful makeover on the Instagram account maintained by “Noah M.” From after-dark alleyways to aerial panoramas of Miami’s impressive skyline to explorations of SoBe’s signature Art Deco architecture, @newteam’s photos bring South Florida to life in miniature.























@jethromullen – Hong Kong

Jethro Mullen is a professional photographer at CNN merely moonlighting as one of Instagram’s most inspiring muses. Mullen documents snippets of daily life in Hong Kong that are anything but ordinary, including epic high rises, uber-dense neighborhoods and beautiful natural landscapes. The photographer’s perfectly composed snaps are impressive enough to virtually transport you to a different hemisphere.






















@jnsilva – New York City

The glitz, glamor and grit of daily life in NYC come together on the photo feed of Jose Nicolas Silva. This New York-based Instagrammer captures both sides of the city: the bright lights of Times Square, subdued scenes from the outer boroughs, and wide-lens aerial vistas of NYC’s stunning skyline.






















@macenzo – Amsterdam

Architecture enthusiasts will find plenty to love in the understated-yet-grand images posted by Dirk Bakker. The Amsterdam-based Instagrammer — who has also documented travels to Doha in recent weeks — shoots buildings and cityscapes from unique perspectives to create stunning images of unexpected angles, shapes and colors.