American travelers spend time on the road, and sometimes sprawling landscapes with Spotify playlists just aren’t enough to keep passengers entertained. Add a little spice your drive, here are some of the greatest road trip games of all time, from childhood classics to 21st century apps.

20 Questions

You probably haven’t played this since you were a kid. Try it again, and you’ll be surprised just how fun it can be. (Tested on a recent road trip between New York and Boston).

Trivia (Playbuzz)

Trivia is fun at home, at the bar, and in the car. This challenging game comes in many forms and is great for kids. Check out Playbuzz and tap into a huge network of personality and trivia quizzes to read aloud to your fellow passengers on the way to the next destination.

Road Trip Bingo

Road Trip Bingo is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for parents trying to keep little ones occupied on the road. Download and print a free board off Pinterest, and provide each one of your players a baggy with 16 coins or poker chips to play with. Dotted with common sites like Yield Signs, Yellow Cars, and Bridges, which players cover when they see it, the board and outside world keep kids distracted better than an iPad.

Pass the Story

Every game doesn’t have to be about winning and losing. Pass the Story is a collaborative game where one person in the car begins a tale with something generic like, “Once upon a time, there was a boy named George.” The story then moves around the car with each person making additions like, “George found a treasure map, and decided to seek out the treasure.”

Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is another classic option that takes zero preparation. It’s a simple effort amongst everyone in the car to spot letters from the beginning of the alphabet to the end (going in order, obviously) on signs, license plates, storefronts and anywhere everybody can.